A Complete List of Everywhere We Have Eaten in India

  • Every time we eat out, all the dishes we order will be posted here

  • Not including Homestay food

  • This list is sorted by PLACES, then NAME of restaurant


  • I will post the newest eats at the top!


    Cafe Okaeri

    • Japanese Set*****
    • Coconut Oil Chocolate
    • Soy Chai******
    • Cold Soy Pudding with Brown Sugar Syrup*
    • Cold Green Tea
    • Kombucha

    Tat Cafe

    • Spinach Soup
    • Eggplant Potato Sizzler*
    • Kitchari
    • ABCG Juice* - ask for no straw
    • Aloo Paratha


      Jaipur Jungle

      • Chilli Potato*
      • Plain Tandoori Roti
      • Dal Palak
      • Veg Hot and Sour Soup

      Hotel Sweet Dream

      - They have excellent service and their breads are phenomenal. Try the Garlic Naan!

      • Garlic Naan*
      • Mushroom Peas Curry (ask for no curd and no ghee)
      • French Fries (ask for with salt and pepper and their special Masala spice mix - with 40 spices! These will be the best french fries you have in India)

      Pali's Pure Veg*

      - OUR FAVEOURITE PLACE IN JAIPUR. Excellent food. It's in Raja Park.

      • Baingan Bhartha* (we ordered this every day - it's eggplant/aubergine by the way)
      • Veg Biryani* (ask for no Paneer)
      • Plain Laacha Paratha* (ask no ghee)
      • Aloo Palak*

      Bar Palladio

      • Vegetable Tempura

      Thali and More*

      • Tandoori momos*
      • Spring Rolls* (with an Indian twist! really deicious)
      • Aloo Tikki*
      • Mysore Masala Dosa
      • Mushroom Fried Rice
      • Crispy Gobi Masala*

      Poppin Cafe

      - Vegan and Gluten-Free yums

      • Poppin Special Pizza 
      • Spicy Mushroom Risotto*
      • Funky Fantastic Salad (no dressing, ask olive oil on side)
      • Muscle Beach Smoothie* (ask no chocolate)
      • Barbecue Tofu Burger (excellent gluten free bred)

      Dasa Prakash (best South Indian in North India)

      • Mysore Masala Dosa*
      • Onion Vada*
      • Fruit Punch* (a mixed fruit juice)

      Tasty Vibes Pure Veg

      • Cucumber Salad
      • Cashew Curry* (spelled: Kaju Kari)
      • Chilli Potato* (these are fries made into a dish, it was awesome)
      • Plain Paratha
      • Mushroom Pulau


      • Masala Dosa
      • Mushroom Masala
      • Rice
      • Missi Roti


      Little World (Vegan + Veg Cafe)

      - We went here first because it was the first vegan cafe we saw, but ZEST is theeeeee superior vegan cafe in Palolem.

      • Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie
      • Choc Mint Ganache Tart
      • Sushi Noodle Salad - (Don't get it!)

      ZEST (Vegan + Veg Cafe)*

      - Just a really good vegan cafe. Great food, fresh and flavourful. They've clearly had some good chefs do the menu. A 100% must. 

      • Rice Paper Rolls
      • Mango Coconut Cheesecake*
      •  Iced Matcha Latte*
      • Pink Smoothie Bowl
      • Garlic Mushrooms on Toast*
      • Peanut Butter Smoothie*
      • Cacao + Coconut Ice Cream*

      Shree Ganesh Pure Veg*

      - Really delicious curries. Our Go-to for Indian in Palolem, we went everyday.

      • Began Masala*
      • Mushroom Mutter Masala
      • Hot n Soup*
      • Garlic Naan (ask for no butter)
      • South Indian Thali* (ask for no yogurt/curds)
      • Chappathi
      • Rice


      Sati Pure Veg*

      • Palak Dosa*
      • Palak Masala Dosa
      • Hot and Sour Soup*
      • Lime Soda


      • Agedeshi Tofu*
      • Miso Soup
      • Harasume Salad*
      • Hijiki Seaweed Salad*
      • Wakame Salad
      • Avocado and Cucumber Roll*
      • Rice

      Villa Blanche

      - Really great vegan food, especially for gluten-free options too. The Quiche is especially impressive.

      • Mushroom and Spinach Quiche*
      • Tofu Scramble*
      • Chocolate Ice Cream*
      • Almond and Raisin Cake*
      • Detox Juice with Spirulina 


      GTR (Gayastri tiffin room)*

      - A local institution. We actually ate here everyday, every meal. So cheap. So tasty. So good.

      • Gobi Manchurian*
      • Szechwan Gobi*
      • Masala Dosa*
      • Onion Dosa (actually an Onion Uttapam)
      • South Meals* (Thali)
      • Peas Palak
      • Jeera Rice*
      •  Finger Chips
      • Masala Pappad
      • Watermelon Juice



      • Asian Veg with Millet

      • Mixed Superfood Momo Platter*
      • Mixed Potato Wedges Platter
      • Go Green Juice*
      • Choc Banana Smoothie
      • Peanut Butter Crunch
      • Chocolate Brownie
      • Blueberry Cheesecake Jar*

      Happy Healthy Me

      • Masala Dosa*
      • Mini Idli
      • Superfood Salad of the Day*
      • Masala Chai
      • Green Goddess Juice
      • Chia Pudding*
      • Green Smoothie
      • Choc Peanut Butter Smoothie
      • Granola Bars*

      Nagarjuna Andhra Restaurant

      • Veg Meal* (say no to the ghee)
      • Mushroom Curry
      • Roti
      • Lime Soda

      Carrots Vegan restaurant

      • Garlic Cream Pasta

      • Almond Pesto Paella

      • Peanut Butter Banana Shake*

      • Masala Chai 

      • Health Insurance Juice

      • Kurkur Bhindi Chaat*

      • Fully Filled Mashed Potato Pie*

      • Aubergine (Eggplant) Mushroom Platter*

      • Gulab Jamoon

      • Chocolate Ice Cream*

      • Chocolate Cream Cake


      Aryaas Hotel

      • Masala Dosa

      • Thali Meal

      • Tomato Uttapam*

      Mary's Kitchen*

      • Chilli Gobi *
      • Tomato Curry*
      • Basmati Rice
      • Ginger Tea

      Sri Krishna Cafe*

      - A local favourite, all veg eatery. We went for lunch on our first visit, and had to return the next day for breakfast, it was just so good. Everything is served with generous amounts of Sambar and Chilli-coconut chutney

      • Vada*
      • Idli
      • Masala Dosa
      • Onion Uttapam *
      • Black Tea (asked for no sugar and no milk)


      - loved this place, recommend the Aubergine curry for damn SURE.

      • Keralan Rice
      • Appams
      • Okra Fry
      • Aubergine (Eggplant) Curry*
      • Ginger Lime Soda (we asked for no sugar)
      • Lime Soda (no sugar)

      Qissa Cafe

      • Green Iced Tea (served with Lime - asked for no sugar)
      • Orange Kombucha *

      Tibet Kitchen

      - Looks can be deceiving! Very pleasantly surprised by this place because we weren't expecting much - we just wanted something small to fill our tums. Everything was absolutely delicious and the staff were so sweet.

      • Veg Cashew and Almond (stir fry type dish)
      • Kothey Veg Momos* (meaning Pan-fried dumplings - served with the best chilli, yum yum!)
      • Plain Rice
      • Special Soup* (with mushroom, veg, tofu - ASK FOR NO EGG)
      • Orange and Ginger Juice 

      Misc. and Streetfood

      • Freshly fried tapioca chips with chilli pepper powder*  (where: the top of Princess St meets River Road)
      Dasaprakash, Jaipur - Great Dosa

      Dasaprakash, Jaipur - Great Dosa

      Shree Ganesh Pure Veg, Palolem

      Shree Ganesh Pure Veg, Palolem

      Breakky at Zest in Palolem

      Breakky at Zest in Palolem

      Finger Chips at Shree Ganesh in Palolem

      Finger Chips at Shree Ganesh in Palolem

      Villa Blanche, North Goa

      Villa Blanche, North Goa

      Sakana, North Goa

      Sakana, North Goa

      Masala Papad and Thali at GTR, Mysore

      Masala Papad and Thali at GTR, Mysore

      Onion Uttapam at GTR, Mysore

      Onion Uttapam at GTR, Mysore

      Andhra Thali and Nagarjuna, Bangalore

      Andhra Thali and Nagarjuna, Bangalore

      Healthy eats at Enerjuvate, Bengalore

      Healthy eats at Enerjuvate, Bengalore

      Not your typical Indian feed, but yum and super nourishing nevertheless! Happy Healthy Me in Bangalore

      Not your typical Indian feed, but yum and super nourishing nevertheless! Happy Healthy Me in Bangalore

      Masala Dosa at Sri Krishna Cafe - Mattancherry

      Masala Dosa at Sri Krishna Cafe - Mattancherry

      Oceanos - Fort Kochi

      Oceanos - Fort Kochi

      Refreshing Drinks at Qissa Cafe - Fort Kochi

      Refreshing Drinks at Qissa Cafe - Fort Kochi

      Elizabeth Miu