Bangalore, Karnataka


Another day, another city! It’s famous for being superior at I.T. and all things tech and apparently it’s the cleanest city in India.

Bangalore was our first ‘big’ Indian city. Big city luxuries, like great accessibility and transport, OLA working marvellously  (think Indian uber), good food, health cafes, organic stores, supermarkets, western styled shopping malls, gyms, and slightly being less conservative, are all things that you can enjoy in Bangers, as well as still being able to get all the Indian food you could want.


We stayed in Indiranagar which is a lively part of town, at Buzzy’s Homestay, a homey room we found on Airbnb and absolutely loved it there. Complete with the most energetic Golden Retriever pup (Buzzy himself), our hosts Chitra and Akshay were awesome and it was like staying with friends and we had good chats and watched Whiplash on one of the nights. We did some much-needed laundry and they had a UV/UF filter for water too, which made filling our water bottles up really easy. 


After the jungle and eating only home-cooked meals (which we loved by the way – Keralan food is the bomb), we were very ready to mix it up with the diverse food-offerings of the big city!  Craving greens and salad, we went to a handful of organic health-food cafes like Enerjuvate and Happy Healthy Me, but our favourite was probably Carrots, Bangalore’s first vegan café. They have such a homely vibe, excellent service, passionate staff and great food. Order the potato pie. Just do it.

As for our Indian fix, we went to Nagarjuna and had our first Andhra thali. Think all you can eat curries (there were like 6 different types), rice and pappad all served on a big fat banana leaf. There are like 20 different food-boys just running around topping your plat- I mean – leaf up.


Apart from eating we didn’t do all too much. Not mad about it though. We climbed at Equilibrium bouldering station which was a lot of fun, and checked out Commercial Road, which was packed with all kinds of food/trinkets markets and a whole load of shopping!

Elizabeth Miu