5 Must Have Items for India

Alright, so Maybe not must-have, but these are my 5 favourite items that I have found super useful whilst travelling IN India. 

1. Sandals

By sandals I mean a good pair of walking sandals, not fancy fashionable ones. They are the best item you could possibly bring to India and I cannot recommend them enough. I scored a Teva pair on sale before we left, and they have been my rock. The tread (bottom of the shoe) is like that of a sneaker, and we’ve been able to walk in them for hours at a time. In transit, walking through dusty Indian towns, the beach, the jungle – you name it, I have worn my sandals everywhere.

They are open and comfortable which is a godsend in the hot, sweaty Indian heat! Buy a dark pair if you plan to buy some (I mean... when you buy some!) because India is a dusty dusty place and your sandals will get dirty. Good news though, to clean them, just hose them off. If you’re going to get some Tevas (highly recommended – Will got some too) they come in Men’s and Women’s and I would recommend trying on a few different styles, because there are so many, to see which is comfiest for your foot!


Brand: Teva

Type: Verra (Will got Mens Toachi 2s)

Why its good for travel:

  • Great ventilation in hot sunny India

  • So comfortable

  • Easy to slip on and Velcro straps ensure comfort

Price: $70AUD

2. Microfibre Towel

Whilst most places you stay will provide you with a towel, I’m so glad we brought our own towels and they’ve been super handy.  The main reasons they’ve been so handy are that some places will give you tiny tea-towel sized towels, or no towels, and some beaches will have dirty sand and you probably won’t want to shower with the same towel that’s been on black sand all day. We usually bring our room towel to the beach, and use our microfibre to shower. Microfibre is a good idea because it folds down really small, dries quicker and takes up significantly less room in your bag. We bought extra-large (you probably won’t need extra-large) Dock and Bay towels and they’re super and they look snazzy too.


Brand: Dock and Bay

Type: Microfibre Towel, Extra Large (but medium/large will do I reckon)

Why its good for travel

  • Quick dry

  • Highly absorbent

  • Folds up really small

  • Having my own towel whilst travelling is just so darn nice

Price: $32AUD

3. Universal Adapter with USB input

Should be obvious, but don’t forget one of these bad boys! An adapter with a couple of USB inputs is great so you don’t have to bring around any other charging points, just your charging cables! We bought ours off ebay for cheap, and we’ve been using them every day to charge our bits and bobs.

4. A Good Backpack

If you’re backpacking, a good backpack can make or break your trip, especially if it’s a long one. You’ll do a lot of moving around with your bag on your back, so a good strong bag with heaps of support is what you need. Get a bag that holds at least 55L if you’re going for more than 2 weeks. We’re travelling for 3 months around India and Nepal, and we got these bags called the Wayfarer 55L from Kathmandu and I am really glad we scored them. They have great support, good ventilation making it a good hiking bag, BUT the best thing about ours is that it opens like a suitcase. Why? Well, because we’re moving constantly from place to place all the time, opening like a suitcase makes packing up much easier and faster than it would be with a classic top-down/stand-and-stuff hiking bag.  I would really recommend taking a backpack that opens like this. They are a lot harder to find and a bit more expensive, but have a good look. We bought ours on sale for $250 down from $450 – try going to warehouse outlets of big brand hiking stores. In any case, it is very much worth the investment, I can assure you.

Brand: Kathmandu

Type: Wayfarer 55L

Why its good for travel:

  • Opens like a suitcase which makes packing SO MUCH easier than a typical hiking pack because we need to pack-and-go over and over again.

  •  Not too big which means our bags are always less than 15kg and we can check-in our bags for free on cheap budget flights

  •  Good hiking bag with supportive and adjustable straps

  •  Removable top pocket - Works as a side satchel and is so great for carry-on or as a day bag!

  •  You can zip the backpacking straps safely away so that they don’t get damaged in-transit.

Price:  $450AUD ($250-200 if you’re lucky you can find it on sale!)

5. Kindle

I love I love I LOVE having my kindle with me on this journey. Reading whilst you’re travelling is magic. I find that reading complements the travelling experience because you’re absorbing all these great life experiences from travel, and then you’re also getting all these great stories or knowledge from reading, and its like opening your brain up to a brilliant sense of growth. That's how I feel anyway!

I got a kindle for Christmas and I’m not (or was not)really a reader, but since we’ve started travelling, I haven’t stopped. The battery lasts forever (we’ve been here for in India and I haven’t charged it since before we left Australia), it holds so many books and it is just a great source of entertainment when you’re on the go.

Brand: Amazon Kindle

Type: Kindle Paperwhite

Why its good for travel:

  • Complements the travelling experience - helps make your time away a time for learning and personal growth

  • Portable entertainment

  • Great Battery Life

  • Source of knowledge

Price: $180AUD

1. Sandals - The no. 1, baby!

1. Sandals - The no. 1, baby!

2. Our microfibre towels were extremely fast-dry and fold up super small in our bags!

2. Our microfibre towels were extremely fast-dry and fold up super small in our bags!

3. Your everyday charger - USB input is a must!

3. Your everyday charger - USB input is a must!

4. Our fantastic backpacks - carrying our lives with us everywhere!

4. Our fantastic backpacks - carrying our lives with us everywhere!

5. Kindle - the ultimate travel companion

5. Kindle - the ultimate travel companion

Elizabeth Miu