2018: The Year of Prioritising What's Important

There's something about this year... 

I can just feel it. I have no explanation as to why I feel this year will be the year for change, for healing, and for a good amount of personal growth. 

I am open to different ways of achieving this change, this healing and this growth.

This year:

  • I will work on my garden and growing my own food in a sustainable fashion: something I have wanted to work on for years but have always said 'I'm too busy' to actually ever start. Food and the growing of, is very important to me. I wish to explore my relationship with food, and with nature. I hope to set an example to others, to be aware and grateful of the simply stunning produce we have availability to in Sydney - with no shortage of food, no hunger - we are extremely lucky. Most of us don't know how to grow our own food, and we owe our very lives to the farmers we forget to think about or thank. 
  • I will commit to forging deeper, meaningful relationships with people. Each person is a unique expression of this crazy exciting universe and there is much to learn and room to grow! I hope to find the opportunities to share my skills and any wisdom I have collected in this lifetime.
  • I will work on knowing my worth and trusting myself. Getting rid of the ego. I will be inspired, not jealous. I will celebrate other's victories and creations.
  • I will meditate, practice yoga and rock-climb regularly - activities I know will keep me healthy.
  • I will trust this friendly universe, and that it is conspiring in my favour. Nothing is happening to me. Everything is happening for me, for us. 


May this year be everything you need it to be. 




Elizabeth Miu